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The expert for long-term and construction site timelapse videos in cinema quality.

Baustellen Video Outdoor

While full HD is standard in the video sector today, we film your building project for you in 4k cinema quality. Due to the ideal positioning of our construction site camera we can show your project not only in the best quality but also from its most beautiful side.

The professional timelapse video - which includes your logo, your data and the music of your choice - can ideally be made available on websites, social media channels, fairs and exhibitions and can thereby be shared with partners, suppliers and even with the general public, if you wish to do so. The video can also be used as an advertising medium at infopoints, lobbies and grand openings. For people who are buying a new home, the time-lapse video can be presented as a gift to remind them of the building process of their precious home. During the building process itself it is also quite simply amazing for new homeowners to watch the whole development process whilst sitting on the sofa or from wherever they happen to be at the time.

Baustellen Video Indoor

Estate agents, architects, property developers and also private house builders/owners can document the entire construction project from the plot of land through to the completed building. Moreover our fastmotion webcams are also frequently used for projects in the plant engineering sector. Whole manufacturing production processes from raw materials through to the finished product can be perfectly documented with our timelapse cameras.

Zeitraffer Video Kunstprojekte

Apart from documentation in the production and building area our timelapse cameras can be ideally used for documenting projects in the art sector.

Baustellen Zeitraffer Video & Drohne und Echtzeitfilme

We also offer individual. tailor made solutions such as drone recording or corporate videos of your project.

Timelapse film Monitoring & Documentation

Keep your project in view.

Webcam function

Our systems are always online since the data transfer of the recording is done via mobile telephone system 3G/4G/LTE in real time. This enables you to watch the construction progress on your laptop, mobile-phone or ipad from wherever you happen to be right from the beginning.

Kurzzeit Baustellenzeitraffer

With this function you can watch a fastmotion video that shows the construction progress of the last two weeks.

Archive function

On request we can also equip you with an archive function which grants access to all pictures of your building site.

Customer portal

Our customers receive a personal access code to our customer portal. You can log in there with a personal password and use all the functions and tools our system offers.

GDPR conformity

Our recordings conform to general data protection regulations.

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