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The expert for long-term and construction site timelapse videos in cinema quality.

Timelapse Videos Outdoor

In the outdoor sector, a construction time-lapse video provides the opportunity to visualize long-term processes such as the construction of buildings and facilities in just two minutes. Throughout the construction period, project participants can access not only the current webcam image but also a daily updated short-term time-lapse video, illustrating the construction progress of the past 14 days. This construction time-lapse video can be integrated into the client's website or published across various channels upon request. At the project's conclusion, Timelapse Systems' editors create a professionally crafted, approximately two-minute time-lapse film in cinematic quality. Optionally, the construction time-lapse film can be expanded to a comprehensive promotional film by incorporating drone flights, photos, live-action footage, and interviews.

Timelapse Videos Indoor

In the indoor sector, construction time-lapse videos are commonly employed to monitor the progress of building projects within structures. This allows project managers and architects to document construction advancements, review design decisions, and optimize retail layouts. In the events and exhibition industry, time-lapse videos serve to document and monitor the setup and dismantling of exhibition booths. This practice facilitates the planning of future events and enables organizers to optimize the deployment of personnel and resources. Indoor time-lapse films are also increasingly used in documenting processes and experiments where conventional film recordings may be less suitable. Particularly, processes occurring over a few hours, days, or even several months can be optimally visualized through time-lapse recordings


Timelapse Video Art Projects

Apart from documentation in the industrial, commercial, and construction sectors, our construction cameras are also excellently suited for time-lapse recordings in the field of art. This allows for the documentation of the creative process of an artwork, capturing every step from the initial touch or brushstroke to the completion of the artwork in a time-lapse film.

Construction Time-Lapse Video & Drone and Real-Time Films

The range of services not only includes the creation of time-lapse recordings but also encompasses drone flights, photography, as well as real-time films of construction projects. Upon specific customer requests, the time-lapse video can seamlessly be integrated into a comprehensive promotional film, crafted by our experts in time-lapse films and television productions.


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