About Us

Keep your project in view.

Timelapse video

Timelapse System Ltd. is an Austrian filmproduction company specializing in longterm fast-motion systems for indoor and outside areas in cinema quality. You can rent our webcams for any period of time. Our high resolution time lapse cameras are weather resistant and can be used for longterm projects for indoor and outside areas.

Timelapse film Monitoring & Documentation

Since we install your webcam in any chosen position that gives an ideal overview of the building site, we can ensure your project is not only shown in the best quality but also from its best side. Our professional fastmotion videos are perfectly suited to advertising and documentation purposes. Due to a 24/7 online connection our systems can also be used for the monitoring and the documentation of your project. This enables you, your buisness partners and customers, to watch the construction progress on your laptop smartphone or ipad from wherever you happen to be at any time.

Interesse an einem baustellen zeitraffer?

Wir sind Ihr Ansprechpartner für Baustellen Zeitraffer, Baustellen Zeitraffer Kameras, Baustellen Monitoring und Dokumentation.

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