Modernste Baustellenkameras Indoor und Outdoor.

24/7 Überwachung unserer Baucams

We are connected online with our construction site cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This connection allows us to register and fix failures and malfunctions of our webcams immediately. This ensures the reliability of our construction site time-lapse cameras. It also enables us to provide our customers with construction site monitoring during the entire construction period.

Baustellen Kamera ab 4K

Our on-site cameras are equipped with the latest technology and have a 4k resolution and redundant data saving.

Wetterfeste & ausfallsichere Baukameras

Our systems are weather resistant. They withstand heat, rain, snow and wind and are equipped for temperature of -40° to + 75.°

Place of installation

The place of installation depends on the local conditions. Our systems can be mounted on walls, roofs, pylons as well as on camera tripods.

Strom und Handynetz für Baucam

For our timelapse cameras we just need a 3G/4G/LTE cellular network and an external 230 V power supply.

Timelapse camera
Installation, Service & Wartung

Our camera experts install the camera systems in a position that gives an ideal overview of the building site. Our specialists not only carry out the setup and installation but also the maintenance and deinstallation of your system.

interesse an einer baustellenkamera?

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